Android development tutorial : Installing Android Studio and SDK

In this post, we will see how to install android studio and get started with android development. I will provide guidelines to install android studio on Mac OS but it will be very much similar in case of windows or linux too.
We will divide this post into three parts.
  • Setting up java JDK
  • Downloading and installing Android studio
  • Setting up Android SDK

Setting up java JDK:

Android studio requires JDK to be installed on the machine. If you are working with latest version of android studio, it is recommended to have JDK8.
Lets check if you have java installed or not.
  • Open terminal in Mac OS
  • Write "java -version" in terminal as below
Check Java Installation

If you get java version as above, java is installed on your machine.
If you get command not found, then you need to download and install JDK 8.

Download and install Android studio :

Drag Android studio to applications

  • Drag above android studio to applications.
  • Open Android studio app from applications now.
  • You will see below screen.
    Welcome to Android Studio

  • Click on next, you will get below screen,
    Choose Standard Install type
    Choose Standard Android studio installation and click on next.
    Verify Android Studio Installation

    Click on Finish

    Download Android Studio Components
    It will automatically download require SDK platform. Please note that it will take some time to download android SDK files as it is very large in size.
    Once done, click on finish and then you will get below screen.
    Start Android Studio Screen

    Setting up Android SDK

    Once you have downloaded Android studio, you can configure Android SDK for complete android app development.
    Click on Configure in above picture 
    Start Android Studio Screen
    Click on SDK Manager as shown in above picture.
    Launch Android SDK
    Click on "Launch Standalone SDK Manager" as shown in above image
    You will see below screen.
    Android SDK tools
    I have selected the components which you need to download and install.
    Click on Tools to minimize it and click on version which you want to install. In my case, I am installing Android 7.0 (API 24).
    Android 7.0 API 24
    You can download all files for API 24, but it will take time. I have selected the files which you may choose to download and install.
    Click on "extras" which you will see at the end.
    Android SDK Manager extras
    I have selected items which you need to download and install. Click on install package once you select above selected items.
    Once you follow above steps, you have prepared platform for developing android app. Please comment if you find any issues with above steps
    Happy Android learning!!

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