Difference between PATH and CLASSPATH in java

In this post , we will see differences between PATH and CLASSPATH in java.

Let me provide simple definition about PATH and CLASSPATH.


This is environment variable which operating system uses to locate executable such as javac, java, javah,jar etc.
For example: bin directory of jdk has all the executable such as javac,java so we can set upto bin folder.
"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.1\bin"


This is environment variable which java virtual machine (JVM) uses to locate all classes which is used by the program.
For example: jre/lib/rt.jar has all java classes and you also need to include jar files or class file which is being used by program.
"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.7.1\jre\lib\rt.jar"


It allows operating system to locate executable such as javac, java

It allows classloader to locate all .class file used by program
You can not override path variable with java setting

You can override classpath by using -cp with java,javac or class-path in manifest file.
You need to include bin folder of jdk (For example jdk1.7.1/bin)
You need to include all the classes which is required by program
Used by
Operating system
java classloaders

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