Java program to check Armstrong number

Armstrong number is a 3 digit number which is equal to sum of cube of its digits.
For example: 371,153
In this post,  we will see how to check for Armstrong number in java.
class CheckArmStrongNumberMain
 public static void main(String[] args)
   CheckArmStrongNumberMain casnm=new CheckArmStrongNumberMain();
  System.out.println(" Is 153 Armstrong number: "+casnm.isArmStrongNumber(153));
  System.out.println(" Is 234 Armstrong number: "+casnm.isArmStrongNumber(234));
     System.out.println(" Is 371 Armstrong number: "+casnm.isArmStrongNumber(371));
 public boolean isArmStrongNumber(int number)
  int sum=0;
  int originalNumber=number;
  int remainder=number%10;
   return true;
  return false;
When you run above program, you will get following output.
 Is 153 Armstrong number: true
 Is 234 Armstrong number: false
 Is 371 Armstrong number: true

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